An NUnit extension to integrate NUnit with Internet Explorer. Enables testing of web pages and scripts from within the NUnit framework. Exposes assert functionality to the web page which itself can be automated from .NET code.


If you're building a web site using .NET and want to incorporate unit testing into your development (and lets face it; who wouldn't) you need this assembly. Assuming you've already got NUnit installed, this library extends the NUnit framework to enable unit testing of client side scripts. It will also let you automate your site programmatically from .NET code to do extensive end-to-end testing. This approach will work equally well with a site relying heavily on DHTML and client side scripting or sites built from server side controls.

At the core of this assembly is an embedded internet explorer control. This is wrapped in classes which are themselves exposed to the control via the window.external object. The control can be navigated to any page you want to test and additional test scripts merged with the page. These scripts can perform assertions that report back to the NUnit GUI/command line and can be activated within .NET NUnit tests. The source code for the project comes with a complete set of self tests which help demonstrate the features available, but for more details see the Quick Start guide or the full Read Me.